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6 foods that we consider to be immunostimulants, but they are not

From apple every day to rakia, copper tea, beeswax, or the magic powers of herbs, we are accustomed to deification of any dubious natural means of deliberately boosting the immune system, which however medicine and specialists declare to be absolute myths.

Anyone could share their negative experiences with viruses, colds and flu despite their efforts to naturally stimulate the immune system.

Of course, foods that are often referred to as immune defenses are anyway useful.

They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and important compounds that have a positive effect on the whole organism. We need to include them in our menu as often as possible but we should not rely on them to save us from any virus and any bacteria trying to break through our body's defenses.

Want a strong immune system?

Everyone wants, especially during the winter season, when we get sick more often. It is difficult to know what to believe in when there are so many folk remedies, myths and beliefs about foods and drinks with supposed healing powers, including chicken soup, honey, tea, brandy, mushrooms, herbs, ginger, echinacea, and then.

Mike Finklestein, an internal health specialist at Scarsdale Medical Group, told that many of these foods we think are useful for the immune system do not really have the magic abilities we often attribute to them.

Who are they?


One of the popular beliefs is that apples are a powerful helper of the immune system. You have probably heard the English saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away from me". Apples are really very useful. They are filled with vitamins, water, oxygen molecules. They help to clean tartar enamel, blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

But from the point of view of immunity, they do not actually contribute much.

Vitamin D

This vitamin improves bone health, contributes to muscle building and prevents headaches and dizziness. But it does not strengthen the immune system. There are many articles on the internet that point to vitamin D as a useful stimulant for the immune system, which is a risk of overdosing when misused. The consequences can be serious.

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