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8 reasons why we should NOT eat bread

Recently, carbohydrate-free diets are in vogue, and the abandonment of flour is considered an important step towards a healthy lifestyle. Thousands of bloggers regularly share stories about what has changed in their lives since they have given up on the use of flour and bread. Their results are quite shocking.

Is bread really useful to us, and is it right for us to sit down with it, provided that, although perhaps not very consciously, we pay an extremely high price? Let's check it out.

In fact, it turns out that denial of bread leads to incredible results: the skin improves, the weight decreases, the body is filled with energy.
There is nothing wrong with eating whole grain bread, but also from rye, oatmeal or bran. Such a product is extremely beneficial to the body. No wonder one can live long enough to eat only one black bread and water. But white is a completely different story. In the twentieth century, flour began to be produced industrially and its quality decreased significantly. Therefore, we strongly recommend giving up the white bread baked from high quality flour. Explain why.

Reason 1: Useless product
Wheat grains are rich in vitamins. But all the nutrients in the process of processing the grain and turning them into flour simply disappear. Top quality white flour retains only about 30% of the active substances that cease to be active after 2 weeks. And what is the shelf life of flour? 12 months. From him we make the favorite bread to anyone who is actually made of a useless white powder called high-quality flour.

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Cause 2: Lack of taste

Recognize, white bread has no taste. But it is with this that it is wonderful for many. It does not interfere with the taste of the products you will use with it: meat, soup, cheese. But it does not improve them, as can whole-grain pasta make.
Cause 3: Toxicity
In the modern world wheat is grown on a huge scale. To get more and faster, it is sprayed with pesticides and gets rid of rodents and fungi – treated with various chemical compounds. But the most important thing is ahead. To make the flour white, the manufacturers use the same washing substance as bleach: benzoyl peroxide, sodium pyrosulfate and calcium, chlorine dioxide. You should always specify what bread is made from bread: refined or organic. The refinement passes all the ways described above.
Reason 4: Skin rash

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We are what we eat. And if you eat any pasta, it will surely affect your skin. Skin rash is the most common result of a reaction to gluten (wheat gluten) contained in bread. Gluten is practically not removed from the body and deposited on the walls of the bowel, damaging its fibers. Over time, the function of absorption of nutrients from these fibers is impaired. Therefore, before you go to a beautician again, check out your diet.

Reason 5: Problems with digestion
Here gluten is again guilty: it breaks the integrity of the cells in the intestine, and so one gets a number of problems with the digestive system. Whole-grain bread contains a very important element for the human body – fiber. And in the products of high quality flour practically none. Only 5-6 slices of whole-grain bread a day provide you with a daily dose of fiber. If you want to get that percentage of vegetables and fruits, you will need to eat 14 apples, or 21 carrots, or 25 tomatoes, or 2.3 kg of cucumbers.
Reason 6: Premature aging
As you have already learned, the whole bread breed literally screaming that it is a nutrient-free product. By getting such a food that does not have the necessary vitamins, our body can not be fresh and young. That's why flock lovers usually look older than their age.

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Cause 7: Dependence
You can easily add to the bread as a drug. Flour gives a staggering release of sugar into the blood stream and as a result, the release of the hormone insulin. You have eaten only one piece of pastry, and your sugar level rises quickly upwards, but then it falls sharply downward – and now you feel luscious and again want to eat fast carbohydrates to feel a tinge of vitality. Such a sharp jump in blood sugar levels can even lead to diabetes.
Cause 8: Overweight and obesity
And this reason can become basic for many people when they refuse to eat flour. More than 70% of people who suddenly turn off their diet lose weight during the first 2 weeks. 100 grams of high-grade flour contains only 0.6 grams of fiber, and the rest of the content is noticeable on the hips, sides and abdomen in the form of fat folds. Bread has a glycemic index even higher than that of chocolate bars. And starch contained in bakery products quickly breaks down into the digestive tract and enters the blood in the form of glucose. This means you will soon feel hunger again.
Be careful and always look at the composition of the product you are buying.

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