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900,000 km of mileage with Tesla Model S – Technology

C electric car makers point to limited battery life as one of the biggest eco-minuses. But Tesla once again shows that this concern should not be one of the main choices for an e-car. It's done by Hans-Ghem Gemmingen (Hansjörg Gemmingen), known for its record-breaking mileage of 620,000 km with the first-generation Tesla Roadster. His new achievement is even more impressive, this time with Tesla Model S.

Gemingen has already reached 900,000 kilometers, proving two shared pictures on July 14th. Model S P85 (one of the oldest versions) is moving with its second battery pack, but that means that each one has made at least 450,000 km. This is an impressive run for a normal car with an ICE, and conventional cars that would have passed nearly 1,000,000 km without changing the engine are units. Even more interesting is that a person who drives so much has chosen to do this not with a diesel or petrol engine, but with an electric car.

In the Tesla chart for the most kilometers traveled with company models Gemingen holds two of the top three places. Probably there are other models of the brand with very high mileage, but they are not included in this ranking. The first two positions are Gemingen with 900,000 and 620,000 km respectively, followed by Model X 90D with 598,282 km and Model 3 LR RWD with 115,578 km.

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