Thursday , June 17 2021

A Mercedes you have not heard of – Automotive news

Did you know that your first mini-car, Mercedes-Benz, was released well before the advent of A-Klasse and Smart. The car from the pictures debuted nearly 40 years ago and is called the Mercedes-Benz NAFA. Her first appearance to the public was in 1981.

Another thing unusual about the Mercedes-Benz models is that the car has a front-wheel drive. Its engine is three-cylinder and its working volume is one liter. The engine power is only 41 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz NAFA, however, has an automatic transmission, a steering wheel and a bunch of extras that are not available for such a small car. Unfortunately (or not), the prototype was suspended from series production.

The reasons are the poor safety of the car against Mercedes standards. However, it is the car that is basically the basis for the subsequent production of small urban cars such as A-Klasse and Smart.

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