Wednesday , May 5 2021

A private company has accused the Ministry of Defense of tendency in public procurement – BLITZ

The Ministry of Defense violates the law with a food supply order and does not respect a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court and the Commission for the Protection of Competition on the case. It was launched in 2015, but so far the Ministry has refused to complete it despite the CPC and SAC's decision to do so. It is not clear how during this period the army was fed and how the money was spent without transparency, said Panda II EOOD.

In August this year the Minister of Defense ordered the delivery of food, which is worth BGN 31 million, by order of the Minister of Defense.

As a motive, the length of time that has elapsed since the order was launched without a contractor being selected. During this time, there was a change and a new planning and provisioning plan had to be prepared by the contracting authority.

The decision was appealed to the CPC by three companies – Panda II, Eight Well and Cheh Group in front. The regulator has upheld the appeals and canceled the termination of the procedure, and the Ministry of Defense has appealed. CPC points out that the need to conduct the order has not been dropped.

According to Ivaylo Pandov, owner of "Panda II", over 50% of the announced 31 million leva went to a foreign trade chain without a public contract. At the same time, the chain in question is a participant in the procedure, which is the most scandalous. The rest of the money went to companies that are not allowed to operate or have limited scope for food trade.

According to the law of defense, the food products that are mentioned in the order are necessary and paid to the soldiers and civil servants for duty, training, exercises, training, camps, and in carrying out activities of a specific nature. There is an opportunity to pay their lev equivalence as an alternative. But it is practically inapplicable to doctrines, occupations, shipwreck, and others.

For the three years in question, this means that the ministry has provided food, but in case of violations of the Public Procurement Act, which raises doubts about corrupt schemes.

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