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Alain Delon's Confession: I'm the first violin, I need a conductor

"You can not expect to be a Delon for fifty or sixty years, with a career like mine, and hope to love you." How to survive with such a fate? What to be when you were all? On Sunday, he will receive the honorary Golden Palm in Cannes for his entire career. Before going there, Alain Delon gave an interview to Figaro Magazine, in which he talked about himself and the cinema, but also about the passing time, women, Macron, De Gaulle and the "dear old country", France. At the age of 83 the wild beast still has nails.

1962 In The Cheetah with Claudia Cardinale (Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

He met us at Osman Boulevard in Alain Delon International Distribution (Adid) in his Paris office. With a denim shirt and a three-day beard, one of the myths of French, but also of world cinema, watches the twilight of his work and age. The walls, the parquet, the armchairs, the desk, the coffee table and the smallest particle in his world are dotted with memories. Here – a film poster; on one stool – semi-open albums on the life of Romney Schneider; over the sofa – a black-and-white photograph of Mirey Dark on the beach. Anywhere, framed or simply attached to the wall, such as a bust or magazine cover, is his face. Most of his time, sometimes in the company of another legend, Edith Piaf, or Carlos Monzon, shot in the prison cell, helped him out with the help of Argentine President Carlos Menem.

"The next week, he killed himself in his car, do not look, the star continues in a voice that seems to be about to break, there are only dead, except for him." He is approaching a framed photo he poses as a boxer against Kirk Douglas. The Hollywood Serviers celebrated their 102nd anniversary. At the entrance there is a picture of Delon and Bardo, who have moved closer to one another.

How to survive with such a fate? What to be when you were all? From cult movies to masterpieces – "The Pool," "Under the Bright Sun," "The Cheetah," "Samurai," "Mr. Klein," breaking the world with its stunning beauty, imposing its presence, silence and loneliness. Alain Delon has marked his territory. A wild beast, always ready to take out his nails, unique and unique, the one who accuses him of talking about himself in a third person – forgot he talks about France – gave us an interview on the eve of receiving the honorary Golden Palm at the Film Festival in Kahn, ignoring the mediocre and unworthy controversy that this event caused in the United States, where a petition blamed him for homosexuality and homophobia.

– What's your first memory from the Cannes Festival?
– For the first time I went to Cannes in 1957, with Jean-Claude Brialli, whom I met in Saint-Germain-de-Pré. I was returning from Indochina. I did not know anything about the cinema world, and I did not really care. At Croazette, an American agent sticks to me. He absolutely wanted to follow him to America. He took me to Rome, where he was playing Rock Hudson, and made me take some English lessons. Then Yves Alegre gave me the first role in "When a Woman Is Involved".

– And your French career started …
Before the filming, Alegre pulled me aside and said, "Do not play, watch as you look, talk as you talk, listen, listen, move as you move, be yourself." That's it. My path was drawn.

1965 By Natalie Delon (Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

– Four years later, you have climbed the stairs of the Festival Palace as a star.
– Yes. Meanwhile, I shot "Under the Bright Sun" by René Clement and "Rocco and his brothers" to Visconti. I knew where I came from and who I am. I climbed the stairs with Cleman for "The Joy To Live". Before I get back to Antonyion's "Darkness." I was with Sofia, Roma. In 1963 Visconti's "The Cheetah" received the Golden Palm.

"How do you explain that the Cannes Festival never gave you the slightest prize?"
"When you have youth, beauty, you should not expect them to make gifts to you. You can not expect to be a Delon for fifty or sixty years, with a career like mine, and hope to love you.

– In 1997, for the fiftieth anniversary, the festival welcomed almost all of Hollywood. But he forgot to invite Jean-Paul Belmondo or Alain Delon …
– Yes. There were only American actors. Jean-Paul was on the cover of "Money Match" to protest. We did not understand. Still, we were the symbols of French cinema!

"It was supposed to be the 72nd edition of the Cannes Festival to give you the honorarium palm. We have to say that for several years you have refused to go.
"I thought they should first give it to the teachers who created me – Visconti, Lowies, Cleman. Now that they are gone, I can go.

– In 1976, Joseph Luzzy's "Mr. Klein" was adopted rather cool. But you decided this movie was projected this year …
"I personally want to present a film with Jean Gaben. For example, "Two Men in the City". He would have liked it. Me too. But Mr. Klein is something strong that symbolizes my career.

(Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

– Which directors were the most important to you?
"My teacher is Rene Clement. He taught me everything, he gave me everything. "Under the bright sun": No one in the world has ever directed me like him. When I shot a scene and she liked it, she came to me and said, "Thank you, my little Alain." He was the greatest director, the biggest operator. How I was unhappy when he was gone! The other greatest? Visconti, Melville, Lowies …

– You have the reputation that you are not easy during photos …
"That's what they say is mediocre. I'm the first violin. I need a conductor. I have never made a heavyweight with the big ones. In The Samurai, Melville did not say anything. But I knew what he wanted and I was doing it. The gesture with his hand on his hat is his. I make a heavyweight with fools who do not know how to direct. During the filming of "The Burned Bars", with Simon Sinore, I had to take things in my own hands.

"Are the samurai the hero you have felt closest to?"
"When Melville introduced me to the script, he talked to me for ten minutes. I did not say anything. Just one sentence: "Jean-Pierre, I accept." I am the samurai and not me. There is something great: silence. And these replies: "What do you mean?" "I came to kill you." The end is wonderful. There is a part of me, as in all my films. I have experienced my roles. I've never played them.

– Which hero would you like to play?
– Christ. When I was filming the pool, I was 33 years old. Everyone was telling me, "This is Christ's age." I would very much like to have this role. It's a bit late now.

"This is a unique hero. Like you.
– (Smile) Yes.

"Are you a believer?"
– I very much believe in Christ. And to his mother. I speak very much to Our Lady. She is my beloved, my confidante. The woman I love most in the world.

– You loved some women …
"I dare say I was more loved than I loved. Mirey, Natalie, Roma … They taught me everything. These are the women who made me play a movie. I would not be here without them. It seems I was not bad. I'm not to blame for falling in love with me. Then I realized that in the eyes of those who love me, I want to be the greatest, the strongest, the most beautiful.

– What would you do if you were not an actor?
– I'd be dead for long. Pigal, with bad acquaintances, would not last long. I had sincere friendships with real thieves. I was the spiritual son of Meme Gerini (a great French gangster at the time). His daughter also loved me very much. The three brothers held Marseille. When I broke my leg, during the filming of the Rebels, an ambulance came in for a few minutes. Meme had called the police to escort her.

With Monica Witti (Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

– What fascinated you in this environment?
– A sense of honor, friendship. Respect. Everything that does not exist today, everything that has almost disappeared with General de Gaulle.

"Is your de Gaulle your great man?"
"I saw him once in the Elysée Palace, with Brigitte Bardo. "Nice to see you, Alain Delon," he told me. They had whispered my name in my ear.

"You knew Georges Pompidou …"
"I really liked Georges Pompidou and his wife. I've played poker with him.

– … and you supported Raymond Bar.
"He was the last one. Somewhat Giscard. No right-wing person has given me the slightest honor. The only one who honored me with the Order of the Legion of Honor was François Mitterrand. He was Scorpio, just like me. Jacques Lang gave me the Order of Art and Literature. Later Sarkozy still made me a cavalier.

"You never hid your right beliefs or your sympathy for Jean-Marie Le Pen. Has that caused you trouble?
– Some. My statements about Le Pen have cost me the elimination – to life – of the jury of the Miss France contest. I was furious, because every year I had a good time.

– What is your view of Emmanuel Macron?
"I respect him as the first Frenchman. But I can not stand a man without a tie. Not that I can not stand Macron, but the hopeless state of France. It seems to me that we have lost our values. This is the responsibility of the statesmen. I really do not like this age and everything that's happening in it.

1961 Distributes autographs of small finches in Cannes (Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

"How about in Cannes?"
– That would be surprising. I will tell them two words. I will not bother.

"One last remembrance?"
– Meeting with Marlon Brando. At that time, the model with which I was the most compared was James Dean. But Brando is the Cinema. THE movie. I had the chance to meet him. After lunch together, we were walking along the banks of the Seine. As a complete fool, I did not dare ask him for a picture of me. I had too much respect for him. I'm sorry for this omission.

"What are you experiencing on the eve of your Honorful Gold Palm in Cannes?"
– A sense of pride. If there is something in the world to be proud of, this is my career.

Translation from French: Galya Dachkova, Glasove.com

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