Saturday , June 19 2021

Alfa and Maserati become Chinese? – Automotive news

After the death of the former head, chief Sergio Marchionne, who refused VW to sell the Alfa-Romeo brand, Fiat Chrysler has been seriously shifting the layers. The group is becoming more American-oriented, and today's most important brand is the Jeep and US markets respectively.

The weaker demand for the Alfa-Romeo and Maserati models has led the Italians not to spend money on developing new models. There may even be a more extreme measure – the sale of the two brands. The information is not yet official, but according to Automobilwoche, Chinese car giant Geely is interested in two cult brands.

We will recall that the Geely Chinese are now owners of Volvo and Lotus. The owner, Li Shifu, is also investing in the Volvo sub-brand called Polestar, which aims to make the cars of the future – electric cars and hybrids, and Li Shifu bought 9.7% of Daimler AG's shares for $ 9 billion early last year!

Given the unlimited financial possibilities of the Chinese and the total decline in sales of Alfa-Romeo and Maserati brands, their passing to Geely's hands does not seem strange.

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