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Director Lucy Ilarionov and folk singer Ani Hoang are a couple of eight and a half years ago. Some see this as a record for a relationship in show business. But the things in them are not as perfect as they look.

They have been engaged for some time but have no intention of taking a wedding. Lucy has already gone this way with her first failed marriage with her former partner, Preslava. Annie does not have the childish dream of most girls to go under marriage. "I had the privilege of taking a bridal dress, and it's no longer my thrill. I've seen it," she says.

Annie does not even wear her engagement ring, she holds it in a cupboard in their home. The marriage proposal came one morning when Lucy got up early and made breakfast, and put the ring on the food tray. The two do not share with others what they said at that moment.

Often, she points it to her that she's with the director for some benefit. The two do not pay attention to these speculations and prefer to fill their time with things that are more useful to their relationship. "I will not hide that Lucy helps me greatly for my career and my development, and if I had not met him, I would have been looking for a dream come true, but I was fortunate enough to meet him and then become a couple. "I did not look for him, Lucy found me," the singer of Vietnamese roots is frank.

"I'm more courageous as a character, while Lucy is balanced in our relationship, creating a balance that we are definitely getting," says Annie. "In one connection, it is most important to have a compromise and I, as a bigger one, strive to do it. Over the years, we have had clashes," added Ilarionov.

Lucy's great dream is to become a father. His parents also insist that this happens, but Annie is not yet ready for this serious step. Lucy is already 44 years old and thinks that his time has come to leave something behind. 27-year-old Ani Hoang has a very different opinion and does not feel ready to babble baby, Blic writes.

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