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Bad news about Schumacher – ᐉ Sports news today and the last hour

The president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Jean Todd, is among the few people who have visited Michael Schumacher after the heavy accident in the Alps.

If so far there was light at the end of the tunnel to restore the sport legend, then the sad revelations Todd did about the condition of his good friend distracted every hope on the subject.

In an interview with the British newspaper Express, he said Schumacher might never recover completely.

"His family struggles as much as he does, but our friendship will never be the same as before, simply because it's no longer the same," said Jean Todd.

In 2013, the 7-time World Champion suffered a severe fall on a hidden stone underneath the snow and this resulted in serious cranial-brain injuries. He was urgently operated in a local hospital, and since then his family has significantly restricted the flow of information to the public space. Schumacher has been recovering for some time at his home near Lake Geneva, where very few people like Todd have the opportunity to personally see themselves with the 50-year-old former pilot.

The Frenchman continues to visit Shumi at every convenient opportunity, and last week he was a special guest at the Speedway Festival in West Sussex, England, where he paid special tribute to the Chicken.

"I can only say that the Schumacher family is taking good care of him and he continues the battle," the Frenchman added.

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