Thursday , June 17 2021

Beer and beer by Angel of Mary (VIDEO) – Sports news

Manchester United fans have been extremely bad for the former player of the team, Angel de Maria. The 30-year-old Argentine bears the Red Devils team in the 2014/15 season, and during the last Champions League match between the English team and the PSG (0: 2) was booted, insulted, and put on various items. United fans welcomed with approval and Ashley Young's actions in the first half when the host captain pushed Di Maria out of the pitch and sent him in a painful way into the fence on the pitch.

The revenge of the Parisian wing was sweet and inconsequential. Angel di Maria assists in both hits for the success of his team. In joy after the first goal in the game by Presnell Kimpembe, he joked in front of the stands with the fans of the "Red Devils" and flashed them with the popular English "F * ck Off".

One of the items with which he was shot was a bottle of beer from the main sponsor of the Champions League. Angel di Maria demonstratively picked it up and simulated sipping from the bottle.

UEFA is expected to start an investigation against Manchester United for the fans' throws against Di Maria. The presence of a glass bottle of beer can bring serious punishment to the English team.

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