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Big Dramas in the family of Rushi Vidinliev for his wife – BLITZ

Millionaire successor and a star of the past – Rushi Vidinliev – is already the father of two children, but his life is not as tidy as it seems at first glance. The pop performer has long been hiding from the spotlight, and his intimate world is not much known. It is said that the eccentric singer was deliberately disturbed by the worldly vanity because of the problems of his wife – topmodel Tanya Ilieva. That writes "Weekend".

In 2016, the family got a first child, and four months ago, their second daughter, who was baptized by Rushi's mother, Laura Vidinlieva, appeared. Tanya has long suffered from frequent mood swings and shaken nerves, but after the second birth the problem deepened. Sources show that the model has suffered a severe postpartum depression, which also reflected emotionally on her husband. Vidinliev was deeply concerned about the mental health of her half and wondered how to help her in overcoming the crisis.
It all began shortly after the advent of the second child. Initially, Ilieva suffered sleeping problems, which resulted in a lot of anxiety. The model has developed obsessive thoughts that she does not care well for the baby that she fails as a mother and woman, and according to experts, these are the first signs of clinical depression. Instead of flying on the wings of happiness, Tanya did not want her to be close to her newborn for fear she might hurt her. Because of the increased anxiety, she weakened drastically and closed herself. She even repelled Rushi, who was doing all she could to get her to her feet. Under her pressure, Tanya Ilieva agreed to consult with a specialist who offered her a therapy tailored to her individual condition.

According to health experts, post-natal depression is not at all harmless and in some cases can lead to serious emotional trauma in the mother. Typically, close people and friends are the first to recognize the symptoms, and their support is very important in such cases. Luckily, Tanya had the support of her beloved, with whom they were together and in good, and in badly more than 10 years. Throughout this time, young parents have repeatedly gathered and separated, but eventually overcame their differences and created a family. The couple lived for a short time in New York, where Vidinliev followed directing and Ilieva conquered the fashion podiums, and then returned to Bulgaria.
Five years ago, in the secular circles, rumors were rumored that the lovers finally legalized their relationship and married in Italy in a narrow family circle. The gossip, according to the gossip, made her a friend of mine a secret ceremony with a limited number of guests. Among them were Rushi's mother – the millionaire Laura Videnlieva, and his mythical father Metin.

The acquaintances state that Rushi and Tanya then returned to Bulgaria, where they still live far away from the spotlight. Although they settled in their homeland, they often traveled to Italy and to South Africa where Lora Videnelieva lived for years. Vladimir Grashnov's wealthy widow has a huge mansion in the African state and welcomed her son and daughter-in-law with open arms. The family also has a spacious house in the resort town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore in Italy, which carries all kinds of legends. It is said that the property is worth about 7 million euros and has 8 bedrooms, 4 garages and a divine terrace with incredible views. Although she was able to give birth abroad, Tanya chose to give life to her children in Bulgaria. Of course, she chose a private hospital both times because she cared for her as much as possible and enjoyed a luxurious setting. Ultimately, however, even her husband's money failed to save her from the depression she is still struggling with.

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