Monday , June 21 2021

Bone Talks About His Missing Daughter and Grandson: Holding Paulina Stressed, Afraid of Their Life – Blitz

I call on Interior Minister Mladen Marinov if his employees from the Bourgas Directorate have heard my daughter and know where she is, to help me get her back home. I'm convinced that they keep her drunk and inadequate. I'm afraid of the life of my grandson, because hardly anyone cares all these days until I know where he is, for him. My daughter called the police after the threat and pressure of the person who was in charge of her. This is what the crippled father of the 30-year-old Pavleta – Chrisimir Kolev-Kokala was crying, wrote Flagman.

He added that he had 70 employees who could join in search of his daughter and the grandson – if the MoI wants his support. The father claims he last saw his daughter a month ago – for a while, and she was very weak. He doubts that the person with whom he lives – Valentin Chaushev – is in a state of drug addiction, he is convinced that he also takes drugs.

"Can a normal person want to crush policemen and crack a police car, could kill my grandson inside, because shooting was also open, said Kokala, one of the most influential businessmen in Aitos, has a chain of grocery stores.

Pavle's mother, grandmother and sister were desperate. Today they called from the kindergarten in Aitos, where they informed them that she was not paid for the second month and the child did not visit her for more than 30 days. Bone and his family believe the little girl needs immediate medical attention, including psychologists' intervention.

Businessman Valentin Chaushev, a native of Madan, lived for a long time in Dospat and has been doing business there for 4 years in Aitos. There he left his formal wife, from which he has a child. He was wanted by the authorities of the Ministry of Interior in Bourgas for drug trafficking, illegal vehicle seizure, fake registration numbers, and many other criminal registrations.

On February 6, he moved with Paulita's Citroen. Inside was her and the little child.


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