Friday , September 24 2021

Bozhinov: I want Bulgaria at a big forum and will answer if I need it

The striker of Botev (Vratsa) Valeri Bozhinov commented on the presentation of the national team of Bulgaria.

The top scorer was a special guest in the play "Dome of Football" on Diema Sport, where he wished the "tricolors" to be a big forum.

As we know, our country was last ranked European in Portugal in 2004.

Bozhinov was categorical that if he needed it and would be called, he would respond immediately, adding that he said he had shown us that he could fight with everyone.

"When I was in the national, there was respect and respect. I do not know what the team is now. I'm not in, I read and I'm listening. If it is so that there is a wonderful atmosphere in the dressing room, that's wonderful. In our time, with Stilian, Martin, and Berbatka, maybe there was a great deal of respect, the team … I do not know. When playing and feeling good and playing, you normally miss the national one. I, like Gosho Petkov, will say that if I need it, I will always answer. Playing for Bulgaria is a great thing. I'm not the man who says there's room for me. There are coaches who judge. I do my job on the pitch. The other – it's not my job to comment. Normally, like anyone who wants to be in the national one, I want to qualify for a big forum. For every player playing and playing in the national one there is such a desire. It would be nice to finish my career with either a European or a World. This and Ivelin Popov would say so. Bulgaria has not been on such a front since 2004, "Bozhinov said.

"I think we have a chance to qualify for the European. However, we must continue this path. We can play against Slovenia, Norway. The national showed he can play with everyone. Before that, we would be the Netherlands, Sweden. We can fight with everyone. We have to be positive. This is what the team needs. Even in such a cold that day at 21.45 there were 5000 people at the stadium. Bravo to them and thank them on my behalf. Seeing so many people in such a cold was wonderful, "Bozhinov said.

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