Saturday , June 19 2021

Brutal cadres with children and violence froze Adri Radeva and Nikolaev (VIDEO 18+) – Blitz

Adelina Radeva and Viktor Nikolaev remained amazed literally this morning by a tragic sight. The two guys received reports of animal abuse, and the two videos literally touched the guys who still stood up for the sad videos.

The first video horse, towed by a car, pulled a heavy wagon, and apparently wiped out because of the tremendous weight and tempo that it needed to maintain. In seconds, the shots were replaced by children throwing stones and beating a dog dog tied to a tire with a rope barking painfully.

However, the leaders of "Hello, Bulgaria" kept cool and simply condemned the terrible act. They moved to a curious note that raised their mood, but made Radeva make a strong remark.

"Oligophren stop this once again and you will be left without tires and windows," says a car on a car. The note was sent to the guides who rebuked the writer: "After a oligophrene, you have to put a coma, you can not," snapped the blonde.

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