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Bulgaria | "Reporters without Borders": Every media in Bulgaria pursues the government

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Every opposition media dares to criticize the government [на България] or pro-government oligarchs, are under attack, "said Pauline Ade-Mevel of the RSF Department for the European Union and the Balkans, which was part of an international protest of international organizations on November 8 of an attack on Ivo Prokopiev, co-owner of Economedia, publisher of Dnevnik and Capital.

Under the heading "Bulgaria is once again pursuing independent media groups" by the RSF, they urged the Bulgarian authorities to stop the harassment of Prokopiev at the outset.

"Sometimes [проправителствените] oligarchs use tabloids, news sites and TV channels to blacken the opposition media. Sometimes the authorities harass the law to silence the voices of independent media. Direct control, attacks and seizures aimed at preventing this media from working must be stopped immediately, "also calls Ade Mevel.

In addition, Reporters Without Borders calls for the European Commission's monitoring mechanism, which has been going on for 11 years, to investigate Bulgarian court action against independent media, and a new report on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism must be published on November 13.

RSF reminded that when Bulgaria became a member of the European Union in 2007, it was ranked 36th in the annual index of the Press Freedom Index, while today it has fallen to 111 from 180 countries. and has the lowest rating for EU countries.

The organization stated that a year ago, Bulgarian authorities had frozen assets and bank accounts to silence the Economedia edition. The announcement of the October 26, 2018 prosecutor intending to prosecute Prokopiev in connection with the sale of his company to the German group was identified by the publisher as baseless and as a new attempt to clog independent media in the country, in texts posted on the organization's website.

A series of hostile actions against Economedia in the 2009-2013 period were triggered by investigations by publications suspected of being corrupt schemes in the Corporate Commercial Bank, RSF warned.

"Immediately after the first article in 2009, the media, owned by the ruling Delian Peevsky, began a campaign to mourn the publications of Prokopiev and Economedia, and this campaign never stopped and continued with the same false accusations, even though Prokopiev sought his rights in court, and won several cases of spreading false accusations, insults, and causing damage to Peevsky's publications … He believes the latest attack is retaliation for the Capital report claiming abuse of the country's own tons of businessmen close to the government. "

In an effort to explain more about the prosecution of Bulgarian lawsuits against other independent media and media groups such as the daily Sega and the ZZ news site, Prokopiev called on international observers to be informed of the investigation in Bulgaria – an extraordinary procedure, which could lead to more transparency about reasons or motives, Reporters Without Borders also explained to those who are not familiar with the context of what is happening in this country.

Ivo Prokopiev has turned his attention to blocking his assets to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, he added.

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