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Competitors Microsoft and Sony hold hands for a new partnership ::

Competitors Microsoft and Sony squeeze their hands for a new partnership

Photo: Reuters

Microsoft and Sony, which are big competitors in the gaming console market, are exploring the possibility of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, including the use of Azure by Microsoft for their video streaming and other content services, Bloomberg reports.

Working together, the two companies aim to offer a better entertainment experience to their users worldwide, including building better platforms for content makers, reads their joint statement.

In addition, companies can also collaborate on the chip market, potentially working on a new graphical sensor that will combine Sony technology in this area with Azure Artificial Intelligence.

Though companies have worked together in some aspects of their business before, PlayStation and Xbox compete cruelly, and especially for the attention of the most avid gamers.

Meanwhile, companies are competing with Google, Apple and Amazon, and Sony will want significantly more powerful cloud offerings to launch its services.

The two organizations announced that they would later share additional information on their joint work.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the two companies have been working together for years in different areas but are also competitors. The now-agreed co-development of new cloud applications would, in its words, speed up the business with interactive content. Collaboration strengthens Sony and Microsoft, especially in their competitive battle with Amazon. The company that grew up as an Internet marketer is a market leader in the cloud business and has recently also entered the gaming market.

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