Saturday , January 22 2022

Consolation after relegation: How much CSKA and Loko took away from the Europa League


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Shortly before the coveted entry into the groups of the European tournaments – at this stage two of the Bulgarian representatives in the Europa League – CSKA and Lokomotiv (Plovdiv), dropped out. The third preliminary round of the second tournament in Europe proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for both teams.

After refereeing mistakes and no luck CSKA failed to cope with Zorya (Lugansk) to drop in the third round for the second consecutive year. However, participation in Europe brings with it the financial resources of the Reds.

The amount received by the Reds from the European Football Association (UEFA) under the rules of the Europa League is 780 thousand euros. This is the case for the teams that went through the first and second preliminary round and dropped into the third.

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Adding to them the television revenue that will only be distributed at the end of the season, as well as the tickets sold, the reds can reach 1m euros as revenue from Europe, writes Dnevnik.

For Lokomotiv, the amount received after the same phase is canceled is less – EUR 540 thousand. The reason is that the winner of the Bulgarian Cup started one round later, directly from the second qualifying round.

Black and whites dropped after two minimal losses to Strasbourg. The team leaves League Europe with a penalty imposed for racism by the public in Plovdiv in the first game. It will apply to Lokomotiv's next participation in the tournaments, with a rostrum closed.

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