Saturday , June 12 2021

Elena Yoncheva compares Borisov with mafia boss – News from Bulgaria

I want to tell you a story about a boss of the biggest mafia in one country. Boss, who has been running this mafia for 10 years. Boss, who is known for having the best, most flexible procurement. Through the schemes created for that. Boss, for whom a magistrate says:

"The biggest mafiot among politicians and the biggest politician among the mobsters." It's about Bernardo Provenzano – the boss of the Sicilian mafia for 10 years. For 10 years he has run Cosa Nostra. From prison he says, "We no longer have to kill. We have magistrates and the media on hand – they do the dirty work pretty well. "

I would like to address the media, the journalists. I know that freedom is extremely difficult. I know you're working in extremely complex conditions. I know that the journalistic profession is an extremely difficult profession these days. Yet, in the big media, decent journalists remained, who, despite the conditions, managed to do journalism.

Nevertheless, there remained extremely large journalists and good feathers who stand up for their position in the small media. And I would like to tell you that it is very difficult for you because you have no immunity, because behind you does not stand the largest opposition party. And the very fact that it has you means that tomorrow you can be turned into the fourth power again. Again Bulgaria, as in 2006, can be equal on media freedom with France. And it depends on all of us.

What did the boss of Bulgaria, who for 10 years ruled our homeland. For 10 years, being in the EU, we have had the unbelievable chance to turn Bulgaria into a good, decent place to live. With the billions we received from the EU, with the help we received from Brussels, we today had to have European roads, a European health system, a European quality of education, free media, free competition.

Where are we today? The roads – repairs after repair, Bulgarian motorways can not be compared in any way even with those in Kosovo and Albania, I am not talking about Hungary or Western Europe. We are the most illiterate in Europe, and we were at the forefront of literacy. Today we have 60% functional illiteracy. Journalism, which was on a par with France, is now outside Europe, somewhere between Congo and Papua New Guinea.

Healthcare – the first in mortality and poor education in Europe. Foreign Direct Investment in 2006-2007 – EUR 10 billion. Today they are under 800 million euros – 40% less. For a week, in January, four factories left Bulgaria. About 2,000 people have lost their jobs. Where the owners went – in Romania, where there are higher taxes and higher wages. The boss of Bulgaria says: unemployment is decreasing. It really is a big contribution to economic history. Unemployment is decreasing because every year 50,000 people leave Bulgaria. Most of them are out of focus because in Bulgaria there are low wages, there is no justice and no hope.

I hope to all of us that it is clear in Bulgaria that it manages the most anti-European organization that has been in the country. We have reached the bottom of the EU by all indicators. The boss, who runs Bulgaria today, says: there is corruption in Bulgaria, as elsewhere in Europe. And he is right. The problem in Bulgaria is not corruption but the huge robbery. According to the latest data and reports from Eurostat, Olaf, EC – the robbery in Bulgaria is 11 billion euros per year. They could be invested in the economy, creating higher salaries and pensions.

There is already creeping authoritarianism in Bulgaria. This part of Bulgarian history will be remembered as the regime of a gang, the regime of an organized criminal group. Only the left, the largest opposition party in Bulgaria, can today take down this regime. But that is not easy. We must be united, because they will try to threaten us, to blackmail us, to kick us. They'll take out the big bat and get it out. Now that the famous words of Martin Müller, a very famous German anti-fascist, would be rephrased:

"The authoritarian power first dealt with the opposition, and I did not oppose it because I was not from the opposition, then I talked to the journalists, I did not oppose it because I was not a journalist, then unleashed the trade unions. I was a trade unionist, then they started talking to my neighbor, I did not say anything because I did not know him, and finally they came for me, and then there were no more people left to protect me.

The regime in Bulgaria is trying to separate us and destroy us one by one. Talk to us one by one. But I want to assure you that there is no regime that the story does not stop. Today, if we want and have strength, we can be part of this story.

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