Sunday , June 13 2021

Exhaust conditioning training for CSKA in Marbella

On the tenth day of the camp in Spain some of the CSKA footballers carried out exhausting conditioning exercises.

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A scoundrel driven by CSKA arranges a transfer to Milan

The deal is worth € 10 million

Specialists Thomas Neubert and Kiril Dinchev conducted individual activities with some of the players.

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The three goalies Cherniyaskas, Stipitsa and Petrov trained with the Light Trainer system, which helps for a quicker reaction and swiftness. It is a glowing disk with sensors, and players have the task of responding as quickly as possible and touching the hand that lights up.

Zhefferson and Angel Lyaskov were extremely exhausted after training by another innovative method. The coaches tied the two defenders with long cables, and by applying force, they had to reach certain obstacles.

In South Africa, former CSKA player Tony Silva beat up

In South Africa, a former CSKA player was spanked

"He thought he was far above the level of our football"

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