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FIND HERE: Levski – Henan 0: 1, Stanislav Kostov's passive pass!

90 '

Tournament: Controls Bulgaria

90 '

End of the match!

80 '

Levskarite wants a penalty shootout by hand but there is no one to give it to them.

73 '

A great mistake of the goalkeeper of the Chinese allows Stanislav Kostov to score for 1: 1 meters away from the door, but Levski's goalkeepers scored with a gaping pass!

71 '

Ilia Dimitrov fights for the ball in front of the penalty area but his shot meets a Chinese player and goes to the corner.

68 '

Georgi Dermendjiev's players continue to be unable to reach a goal despite their territorial superiority.

56 '

Levsky's pressure in the first minutes of the second half. Only Mihailov and Odegaard are the players who stayed on the field after the first part.

48 '

Chance for the Chinese for a second goal! Basogog combines well with his teammate in the penal field, which shoots strongly diagonally but Mihaylov rescues!

45 '

Start of the second half.

45 '

End of the first half.

43 '

And again Basogo bothers Levski's defense in the penalty area, but the Odegaard rider has knocked the ball off his leg.

40 '

Basogog was again in danger of being close to Nikolay Mihaylov's door, but Yablonski managed to close the goalkeeper in time to control.

33 '

Tiam's off-field shot goes through a bunch of players but did not find the target.

32 '

Levskars are the ones who have more control over the ball since the beginning of the game, the actions are mainly developed in the half of Henan, but the positions are at the door of Nikolay Mihaylov.

25 '

HOOH ON HENAN! Basogog was excited in a great way fronting Nikolay Mihaylov, who could not react, eyes with the attacker of the Chinese – 0: 1!

19 '

Oberthan secured a good shot to the front, but his shot went up to the beam and he was very weak.

16 '

Mariani tried a surprise shot outside the penalty area, the ball ricocheted and went under the bar but the Chinese goalkeeper intervened.

11 '

Chinese team created a good attack on the right flank, followed by centering to Basogog, who fired incorrectly from the air.

5 '

The Chinese could find the result! Thiam erupted in the center of the pitch and allowed Henan players to organize a counterattack where Ivo was found to the left in the penalty area but his shot flicked to the far beam!

2 '

A good attack of Levski through the center, Oberthane freed between two players of the opponent and handed to Bush, who shoots in front of the arc of the penalty area, but in the keeper's hands.

1 '

Start of the match!

The last days in Levski are extremely dynamic and interesting in terms of changes on the high-level club.

The "Blue" will have a new owner, Pavel Kolev is already an executive director, the team has a new coach in the face of Georgi Dermendjiev.

Change in Levski's plans in Cyprus

Change in Levski's plans in Cyprus

The "Blue" stay at their current hotel

The latter will make an unofficial debut at the head of Levski today in the control against the Chinese Heniang. The check is scheduled from 15.00 and will be handed over to the club channel of Sofia residents.

Levskaris have already played a control, finishing 1: 1 with Russian UA.

Georgi Dermendjiev plans to use all available players today to see in person what form it is.

It is curious to note that in the composition of Henan is the former CSKA top scorer and a great lesion of the Levski – Fernando Carranga.

Georgi Dermendjiev debuted in Levski against the team of Fernando Carranga

Georgi Dermendjiev debuted in Levski against the team of Fernando Carranga

Former CSKA footballer will not take part in the meeting

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