Sunday , June 13 2021

Generous Ilon Musk gives all Tesla patents

The boss of the company has vowed to make the world cleaner

All Tesla patents are made publicly available to anyone wishing to use them without any license fees, said company chief Ilon Musk, led by his quest to make the world cleaner.

In a blog post, Ilon Muss said that Tesla will not bring any patent claims to those who use Tesla's technology in good faith.This is an amazing gesture in an era when companies are defending every small advance in their technology within their borders, and they often fight for each other.

Ilon Musk argues that his company, Tesla, thinks of the world's salvation from climate change and is doing its best to develop electric vehicle technologies.

In the spirit of the open-source movement, Tesla has even removed the wall of patents in the lobby of its headquarters in Palo Alto, the head of the company said.

Moreover, Ilon Musk says he does not believe in patents, the benefit of which not the inventors derive, but the giant corporations and their lawyers. According to him, patents suppress and stifle progress.

But Tesla will openly oppose companies that use its patents, and then sell their products at higher prices, Muksk says. He hopes that other companies will take the same path to create new technologies at a faster rate.

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