Thursday , July 29 2021

Grave silence, hurt … Who is to blame for CSKA?

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Today we publish a new material to Gabriel Ivanov, who is a fan of CSKA and commented on the dramatic dropout from Botev Plovdiv on the 1/2-finals for the Cup of Bulgaria.

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At the time we write this, five people travel back to their hometown, after the deserved CSKA bout from Botev (Pd) for the Cup of Bulgaria. Dead silence. Hurts, hurts …

The question is to Lyubo, Ganchev and the man who is a pseudo-scout – Stoilov. How do you plan to return those fifteen thousand fans to the stadium again? Yes, Ljubo changed the team, Grisha Ganchev bought the emblem and started the Arena CSKA project, while Stoilov … What does he actually do? Why do not we have a left back, a playmaker, a goalkeeper, a wing like Despodov? Echo, Stoicho ????

Difficult days ahead, and last year's scenario repeated. CSKA lost everything in 1 week. The pain is for us and for the players who, despite trying, have been insufficient to call themselves champions on May 15, when Lubo promised to play a final. However, Ljubo's players did not miss 15, 18, 20 minutes, 45 and 65 out of 180. 1/3 of both matches fell and we got 4 (!) Goals.

Something needs to be changed, starting with the scouting unit and getting to the "pouring" of more money for quality footballers. Yes, the judges stopped CSKA several times, but the situation in the European tournaments will not be any different in the game and we are waiting for an early drop in the preliminary rounds.

The conclusions are for us and especially for the leadership. The other season what will we go through?

Always true!

Gabriel Ivanov, especially for

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