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Guardiola or Sari? The drama about the coaching post in Juve is great

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The coaching drama in the Italian hegemony Juventus is gaining new dimensions. The favorites for Max Alegri's post are Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sari, who are managers of Manchester City and Chelsea respectively.

According to Botusha's famous journalist Gianluca Momblano, the Catalan is likely to take over the "Old Lady."

"Pepe was contacted by Juventus two years ago, but then he refused to argue that it was too early to leave Etihad, the next year was the same, all this changed in January, then the Spaniard told Juve he was open to "If Guardiola refuses, Juventus will announce his next coach the next day," said the journalist who first announced the sensational transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo last summer to Turin .

According to various media in Italy, Guardiola and Juve have already agreed on a 4-year contract and it is a matter of time that the news is officially announced.

The other favorite, Sari, has been in constant contact with Juve for several days, Gazzetta dello Sport reported. "Why refuse to return to my homeland?" In my opinion, he will accept their offer with open arms, but that's my feeling, nothing more, "said agent Enzo Bernardoni, whose son is a close friend of Sari's entourage.

The Telegraph adds that Chelsea is ready to put Sari in Juventus for 5.7m euros because his contract with the club is up to 2021. Stamford Bridge is dreaming of appointing Frank Lampard, he's doing well in Darby County.

Among the juxtaposed names for a new coach of Juve are also Simone Indzagi, who heads Lazio and the free Jose Mourinho, but he seems to have the slightest chances.

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