Tuesday , June 15 2021

Health | A case of measles in Bulgaria has been registered (completed)

Todor Kantardjiev


Todor Kantardjiev

Two cases of measles have been registered in Sofia. According to the head of the First Children's Department at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases "Prof. Ivan Kirov" Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov is a child of three years and a woman at 37 years old. .

Director of the National Center for Contagious and Parasitic Diseases, Dr. Todor Kantardzhiev, told BNT that the woman had been treated in a private hospital but was then sent to an Infectious Disease Hospital. Risky is the 25-40 age group with missed immunizations, "Kantardzhiev said.

The child is placed in the First Children's Hospital at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. "The condition of the 3-year-old child in our hospital is very good," said Associate Professor Mangarov, quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

According to Dr. Todor Kantardzhiev, the incidence of measles throughout Europe and the Balkans has risen tens of times due to the lack of vaccinations and seasonal workers from countries like Ukraine. There are 36,000 cases in the neighboring countries, the number of infected in the neighboring countries is also increasing – in Serbia, 5,500 in Romania, the number decreases – 1,500, but last year they were 10,000, in Romania about 2,500. children from measles in Macedonia,

"In Bulgaria, the level of vaccinations remains high, so for now our country manages to avoid this trend, but it is not advisable to travel with children under the immunization age of 13 months in measles-risky countries and those who have not done the disease were abroad, to avoid contact with children in the first few days after their return, "advised Dr. Kantardjiev. He says the state should take tough measures against fake or missing vaccines.

Immunizations against measles are two – 13 months old and 13 years of age. Two years ago, many cases of measles occurred in the Stolipinovo district of Plovdiv.

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