Monday , July 26 2021

Incidental situation at the launch of Hell's Kitchen: Three are in a hospital! (PHOTOS)

The second season of Chefs' "Hell`s Kitchen" began in an infamous way. The first test for the 18 participants was to present their dishes to be presented to Mr. Angelov.

The winner of the race was the men's team who beat the women by 5 to 4.

The ladies who lost the race had to clear both kitchens. The men gave themselves to a special festive dinner, prepared for them personally by boss Angelov and his team.

So the first night almost passed, but something extraordinary happened. One of the participants, Hanny Off, felt extremely bad. Because of this, an ambulance had to visit the broadcasting studio as a matter of urgency.

The doctors examined him, put a system on him, but he had to be taken to a hospital.

In addition to him, Nevena Vassileva and Svetlozar Iskrenov were referred to the hospital.

The reason for the extraordinary situation of the three participants was not clear.

At the same time, the broadcast team wrote the following on their official Facebook page:

"Even before they entered the kitchen for their first evening booking, three participants experienced their first extremely critical situation. Let us send them all their positive energy to recover as fast as possible! ".

And here is what it is the business card of the participants, arrived in hospital emergency:

Hanny Off

Hanny was the owner of a restaurant for Arabic cuisine. We have our own business – a souvenir shop and a flower shop. He defines himself as an exotic, workaholic and innovator. His culinary dream is to create a family recipe and a small but elite restaurant.

Nevena Vasileva

Nevena has a 16-year experience in culinary industry. He is currently working in a bistro. He defines himself as stubborn, impatient and energetic. Her culinary dream is to cook with boss Angelov.

Svetlozar Iskrenov

Svetlozar has worked as a cruise ship cook. He currently works as assistant-boss in a restaurant for "traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a modern shade". He defines himself as a hardworking boy with a sentiment. Likes extreme sports. His culinary dream is to create a recipe that will remain in history.


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