Tuesday , June 15 2021

Intel has suggested how poor the iPhone is

Intel unintentionally gave the world a better idea of ​​how badly the iPhone sales were during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Apple in the fourth quarter of 2018 probably sold about 11.8 million smartphones less than expected, according to Business Insider calculations. They are based on the decline in sales of Intel communication chips that connect smartphones to mobile operators.

During the festive period, Intel has experienced a "significant weakening in demand for modems," said Bob Swan, the interim chief executive of processor maker. He added that the revenue from communications chips fell significantly below his company's expectations, due to less demand for smartphones.

Intel does not blame Apple for the fall, but the iPhone maker is the main buyer of Intel's communications chips. In addition, the company itself, headed by Tim Cook, has already warned that her iPhone sales on the holidays were disappointing.

Given that Intel's $ 200 million decline in Intel's revenue is entirely due to Apple's smartphones, and assuming a modem is worth $ 17, the chip maker would have sold 11.8 less than modems yours. If a communication chip costs $ 23, then the modems sold (and iPhone, respectively) should have been about 8.7 million less.

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