Tuesday , July 27 2021

Johnny Depp, Polina Glen and who is the dancer she's ready to get married

Although they have long been separated, Johnnie Depp's name has recently been linked to that of his former wife, Amber Hurd. The reason – the endless mutual accusations they both make publicly.

But as this ugly war unfolds, a new beauty is set in the heart of the actor with which he is ready to go under the marriage once more. She is called Polina Glenn, Russian is and is in the 20s. She works as a dancer and choreographer. Oh, yes, and it looks pretty sexy.

He and Depp meet at a Los Angeles party last year. According to acquaintances, the beauty did not even realize that the rich and famous actor stands against her, so they also think she is not another gold-seeker looking for benefits.

55-year-old Johnny quickly swallows the younger girl. It was detected several times in different places with a mysterious lady who later became Polina. They even were staying at a hotel in Belgrade.

The Russian woman, who is native to St. Petersburg, already lives in the estate of the star of the "Pirates of the Caribbean", which is located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. That means a lot, given that after the separation from Amber Hurd, Depp is not associated with any other lady, Daily Mail writes.

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Polina's close friends say that the actor wants to marry her. Previously, however, she wanted to visit Russia to meet her parents and formally request her hand.

According to them, their marriage has a future because Johnny is tired of mercenary women, and the Russian woman is firmly on the ground and the only thing that connects them is the feelings between them.

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