Wednesday , June 16 2021

Maria Ilieva's mother issued a super intimate secret about her daughter and her baby, she showed unique photos / VIDEO – BLISTER

The mother of the singer Maria Ilieva has published quite interesting things about her famous daughter. In the Nova TV morning block, Vanya Manova, who is a choir conductor, said she was always proud and happy with the qualities her daughter possesses.

"Everyone who is interested in Maria knows enough about her because she is very open, she does not hide anything – what she feels, feels and loves, but some things in her personal life remain hidden," Vanya admitted.

The proud mother shared that Maria was a very emotional child, what her boyfriend is now – Alexander.

Vany released that her daughter left for a few months tour in the States, and there she would take her baby.

The mother of the singer also showed some pretty interesting pictures from the childhood of Maria, to whom the singer is almost unrecognizable.

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