Monday , June 21 2021

Massage of 8 points on the face heals flu and cold (PHOTOS) – BLISTER

Acupressure points are an excellent aid in the treatment of various ailments, including symptoms of colds and flu. People are usually infected with influenza virus when their immune system is compromised and can not effectively protect themselves. This can happen when a person is not vaccinated when under stress, due to a previous illness that left his body in a weakened condition.

Massage this point from your face and this will change your body forever

There are also external reasons, especially very cold and dry weather. Although acupressure can not cure the flu itself, it will help you cope with most unpleasant symptoms such as sore throat, nose irritation and sneezing, headache, coughing and general weakness.

Of course, acupressure is not a substitute for treatment, but serves as an add-on to accelerate the healing process.

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