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Murder second half sends Tottenham to paradise, dubbed the top 8 of the World Championship – Football World – Champions League

Extremely second half of Wembley is about to score Tottenham in the Champions League quarterfinals! In the first game of the spurs, the Spurs won 3: 0 with Borussia Dortmund and so after a huge step to the top 8 they can safely wait for a revenge in Germany to legalize the big success.

In view of the first half of the game, hardly anyone could have guessed the end of the game. In it Borussia was the more active team, which more often threatened the opponent's door. But Tottenham again showed that there was another team in the second half. Until this season, 8 of the 9 Champions League spurs fell after the break, and this trend continued in the eliminations. Hohn Min Son started the wonderful night for the hosts in a 47th minute. From then on, the English were definitely feeling more comfortable and slowly increasing their pressure to reach the 83rd minute and Jan Vertongen's goal for 2-0. Just 3 minutes later, Fernando Iorrete, who was just in the game, knocked a corner from the corner for the final 3: 0, making Tottenham ahead of the final very serious.

Mauriceio Pocetino, who could not rely on his big stars, Dele Ali and Harry Caine, made four shifts in his squad with Leicester on Sunday. Oriie replaced Tripir to the right of the defense, and Fowt stood at the center of the defense instead of Rose, whose condition only allowed him to stand on the bench, Alderweired was preferred to Skip, and Lucas came to replace Yorrete.

With Dortmund the questionnaires were pretty much in view of the problems with the injured. Christian Pulišic surprisingly came into the eleventh day with Siggudu, Toprak and Hakimi. Expectedly, Mario Goetz lead the attack on Borussia in the absence of Paco Alcasser. This seemed to be one of the main problems for the Germans, since Gotse 's role as a fake nigger often left the attack without a man on top to end qualitative attacks.

The first half was a slight surprise to the Dortmund guests, who were definitely the most active team on the pitch. The "yellow and black" won the middle of the field and looked more often at the opponent's door. The only problem remained the last pass and the isolation of the striker Gyötse. This led to more shots from a distance. Christian Pulišic missed the first good chance for the team in the 15th minute, and shortly before, Lucas with a great performance from the air was a matter of centimeters of success for the spurs.

The more interesting minutes were in the 30's when the attacks became more acute. The best opportunity came at the very end of the half-time when Dan Axel Sigadou knocked head to head and Loris made a solid effort in front of the goal.

At the break, the better things were said in Tottenham's dressing room, because in the 47th minute Spurs managed to find the result. The Borussia players lost their ball in their half, and they reached Yan Vertongen, who spoke magnificently to the penalty area. Hohn Min Son was left alone after a qualitative motionless ball and was well-trapped by air to shoot Buryk from a close distance. For him it was the 11th goal in the last 12 matches of the team.

The hosts continued to be more active than their opponents, and after 70 minutes their pressure began to increase. This was a good result in the 83th minute, with a magnificent goal in the middle of the penalty area. It was the work of Serge Orie, and this time Vertongen was at the end of the combination and from the air scored for 2: 0.

Just 3 minutes later, Tottenham's defeat was overwhelming. Eriksen centered on the nearby beam, 120 seconds earlier, Yorente jammed his head and sent the ball to the far corner, forming a classic success for the Spurs.

Here's how the battle took place minute by minute:

90 'End of the match! Tottenham is very close to the quarterfinals after 3: 0 in the first match!

86 '3 – 0 for Tottenham! Yorrent has just made a third goal! Eriksen centered on the corner, on the close beam Iorrente knocked the ball and sent the ball to the far corner!

Fernando Iorrete enters in the game of Lucas.

83 '2: 0 for Tottenham! The pressure on the hosts in the last minutes led to a second goal! It's the work of Jan Vertongen! The Belgian got a good quality centering, flicked into the penalty area, and by air he managed to detect a close distance of 2: 0.

77 'Schmelzer enters the place of Sigdus, who seems to have a problem.

74 'Eriksen shoots on the ground, Zagagud knocks out in the corner.

69 'Dahud fired weakly into Loris' hands.

65 'Lucas Moura has for the ball touching it, but the goalkeeper makes the save.

62 'Putisic entered very dangerously in Tottenham's penal field, but he did it with the dribble and eventually lost the ball.

59 'Vertongen with a powerful breakthrough in the middle of the pitch but his shot is inaccurate.

47 '1 – 0 for Tottenham! Borussia's players lost their ball in their half. The ball reached Yang Vertongen, who centered wonderfully, Hohn Min Son was left alone after his ball-free move and was swept well by the air to shoot from a close distance Bury.

An interesting first half in which Borussia was the more active team. The Germans won the middle of the field and looked more often at the opponent's door as the only problem was the lack of the last pass. For Tottenham as a consolation it can be the fact that 8 of the 9 goals in the tournament this season have come after the break.

45 'Great chance for Dortmund. Sancho centered, Sigidou overcame the defenders in white and shook his head, winning and ricochet, and with an effortless effort Loris knocked out in front of the goal.

37 'A rough referee's error – Jason Sancho was fired at the border of the penalty area but no signal came.

36 'Wonderful action in the penalty area for Hön Min Son, who tried with a sharp parallel to the Goals pass to find Lucas Moura. Beeware is also careful with a sword clean.

35 'Deleyne shoots off the penalty area, Loris does not act convincingly, but then no one is able to take advantage.

34 'Fowit dropped a sharp pass on the ground to the field, Eriken found, but his shot was well above the door.

20 'First strike in the outline of one of the two doors, done by Axel Watsel, who did not hinder Loris.

15 'Pulišić took advantage of a mistake, entered skillfully, but from a small angle shot at the feet of Loris

7 'Lucas with a diagonal jet of air inches from the door.

Here is the composition of both teams:

Tottenham (3-4-1-2): Loris – Alderweiler, Voight, Sanchez – Vertongen, Winx, Sisoko, Orie – Eriksson, Lucas, Son

Borussia Dortmund (4-2-3-1): Bury – Zagagou, Dialo, Toprak, Hakimi – Delaney, Watsel – Pulisic, Dahud, Sancho – Goetze

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Honor has made four shifts in his squad match with Leicester on Sunday. Oriey replaces Tripier to the right of the defense, and Voight will play instead of Rose, whose condition only allows him to stand on the bench, Alderveired is preferred to Skip, and Lucas enters Yorentin's place.

With Dortmund the questions were more in view of the problems with injuries. Kristian Pulišic surprisingly enters the eleven, Zagagdou, Toprad and Hakimi are the other more interesting names. Expected Mario Goetze leads the attack in the absence of Paco Alcasser.

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