Friday , July 30 2021

Orhan Murad "looked at" – Gossip

I saw my wife. Young and beautiful. This is what Orhan Murad told Bulgaria Today, after "seeing" thanks to the ultramodern chat room for the blind.

The singer has received the miracle of the technique as a gift from Ahmed DoganAhmed Dogan

Ahmed Demir Dogan was born on March 29, 1954, in the village of Pchelarovo, Dobrich, but he earned much of his. "First, of course, I tried it on Chennai, my wife, and she stood in front of me, I put on the glasses to which the camera was attached, I touched it and the device said" a young and beautiful woman " So he works well and he does not lie, "said the excited performer.

The blind singer tried to "watch TV". I see the image from the TV, from the computer and say what it is, read newspapers, maps, try to read the labels of the goods in the shops, the cash notes, and I will read the bills for electricity and heating, "laughs Murad. The body-to-body contractor, however, regrets that not everyone can afford the expensive device. Its price of 6000 leva is impossible for the blind in our country. "Even abroad, a few people may be able to afford it, so I urge our rulers to make sure that every visitor can have such a camera, to subsidize the associations of the blind, to change the law, but to have it everyone who needs it, "the artist urged.

The camera that helped Orhan Murad to "see" his wife again was made in Israel and has been on the Bulgarian market since last year. Because of its priceless price, however, few blind people can afford it. The device works by recognizing objects and text that speaks to the camera carrier. She attaches to glasses, and Murad has told him that the manufacturer has placed test glasses for the camera in the box with the device. "She puts it on everything – dark, transparent glasses, you read everything," the star said. The camera is adapted to recognize text in 19 languages, but the importer modifies the device according to each country in which it is imported.

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