Friday , June 18 2021

"Overcrowded" Bulgarian woman drops her black jewel in front of the sex shop, works for 15 minutes (PHOTOS) – Blitz

The "exasperated" Plovdiv parked his glossy vehicle in a brutal way to shop for sex shop. This is reported by, citing an outrageous eyewitness who caught the lady in violation.

"I am not very familiar with traffic regulations and especially parking and I want to ask the more familiar specialists." How much law violates this lady with this mildly disgusting parking? "The place is the crossroads of Avksentiy Veleshki and Kostaki Peev. The guide is delayed for about 15 minutes.

One of the photos very accurately shows the visibility of the guides coming from "Kostaki Peev" Street and turning to "Avksentiy Veleshki" Str. The other shows how people move on the canvas to bypass the glossy vehicle. "

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