Thursday , October 21 2021

Pitbull-bumped professor will be held accountable by the owner of the dog


The Pitbull Professor in the Ovcha Kupel district of Sofia will be responsible for the owner of the dog in court and in personal quality. "The traces will remain long, especially the psychological trauma," said Prof. Ivo Panov from the Union of Translators. He has a wound under his knee, was lucky to have no affected artery or tendon.

Prof. Panov hopes that the police will carry out their duties. It all started when the pit bite the professor's dog.

"We managed to divide them. I walked away and in 10-15 minutes our roads met again. I stop and wait to pass, but I see that the pitbull is released and told him to tie him. The dog went back to us again. I told him, "Bind him dog, someday it will blow him up." He tied him but gave him a command and they attacked me, "said Prof. Ivo Panov.

"I did not have time to think, I fell, most likely in a second I lost consciousness, because I saw two men who were watching us the next time, and he was holding a pit bull over me and still screaming," he added.

"I was in shock, I did not remember anything from what I was screaming, I saw that my wig was soaked in blood. Without asking anything, Pitbula's owner went straight away without turning around, "said the victim.

The problem is not in the breed, the problem is always in the owners, said Yavor Gechev of the Four Paws Foundation. In his words, the dog has been purposefully trained to attack people, which is extremely dangerous, criminal, and must be prosecuted by the law with all necessary measures and means.

"Pre-trial proceedings should be instituted, there are texts in the Penal Code that impose criminal liability on pet owners who have not cared and as a result have suffered personal injuries to a third party," Gechev said.

According to him, the dog could be taken away, but the problem is that the owner will take a new dog, train him the same way, and he can attack another person. The decision is criminal responsibility, conviction and imprisonment, Gechev is categorical.

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