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Revolutionary boss over the crash with the president's father


The Haskovo Administrative Court overruled the reproach of the former Chief of Harmony Police Station Nedelcho Kirilov imposed on him for hiding the crash with the father of President Rumen Radev. Kirilov in the beginning of November was transferred from the managing position in Harmanli to work in the economic police in Haskovo.

He was punished with a "reprimand" for a period of one year because he did not have enough control over his subordinates who documented the road accident between President Georgi Radev's father and the tricycle driver Stefan Todorov.

This is clear from the decision of the Administrative Court in Haskovo, published on 20 November. It shall be subject to appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court within 14 days of notification to the parties. It is unclear whether the MoI will challenge the act.

The incident

The incident was August 17, 2018, at a roundabout in Harmanli, but was publicly announced a week later by video sharing on social networks. This gave rise to doubts that the case was covered by the Interior Ministry.

81-year-old Georgi Radev described the case as a "ridiculous accident".

The Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov took charge of himself and ordered a check.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov expressed his indignation at the police and announced that the case had returned him before 1990. The reason was that, according to the protocol issued by the road police officers, it was the leader of the tricycle Stefan Todorov and not the father of the president Georgi Radev, who entered a circular intersection, takes the advantage of Todorov.

Then the inner one retired minister Valentin Radev transferred the responsibility of the professional leadership to the inadequate reaction of the Ministry of Interior.

Penalty because the police were hatched

The inspection was followed by the Ministry of Interior. After her, policeman Mitko Stankov was fired, who drafted the protocol of the accident, with the participation of the president's father.

The head of the district administration in Harmanli Nedelcho Kirilov was punished with a "censure" for a year. He later moved to the District Police Directorate in Haskovo. The arguments are that "has not taken disciplinary action against police officers CP and R.P., who did not wear hats on their heads when they visited the accident" and did not request the case documentation, is stated in the judgment.

Crash between "two old men"

It is clear from the judgment that the crash with the president's father was not hidden because she was present in the newsletter of the District Administration of the Ministry of Interior in Harmanli. The District Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Haskovo was informed about the case.

The fired policeman Mitko Stankov informed the duty officer at the traffic police station in Harmanli about the incident. He said there was an accident between "two old men" and asked what to do – let them deal with each other or write protocols. Having received instructions to act in accordance with the regulations.

Here's how this was communicated to the court:

"Afterwards, he had a conversation with the CEO of HACA as an auto-inspector in the Harmanli District University, who told him that when he visited the road traffic police, Mr. S. informed him on the mobile phone that the traffic accident was between two" old men "and asked him whether to fix it or to let them deal with each other, as inspiration A. had ordered him to be treated according to the regulations in force.After he came to Harmanli, introduced inspiration A. with the facts and circumstances of the road traffic incident, showed the pictures from the official tablet and stated that he had ed his guilt was the participant in the accident th with tricycle. K. said that subsequently accident-it was reflected in the bulletin of the UR – Harmanli. "

Court: The punishment is excessive

The Administrative Court in Haskovo finds the "censure" imposed on Nedelcho Kirilov over a period of one year and repeals it.

According to the court, the opinion of the direct head of Kirilov was not taken into account. He has indicated that the punishment is excessive for the first offense.

In the order of the Chief of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior there are no reasons justifying the imposition of the maximum punishment, the court considers.

This is "inadmissible because disciplinary criminal responsibility should be implemented in accordance with the principle of proportionality of the punishment imposed for the violation committed, while respecting the objectives pursued in imposing the punishment," the court said.

'On the basis of the foregoing considerations, the court finds that the contested order is unlawful and has been declared to be in serious breach of the procedural rules and should therefore be annulled', the decision also states.

The Ministry of Interior is ordered to pay BGN 460 in court, of which BGN 450 is the lawyer's fee and the rest is a fee.

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