Thursday , June 17 2021

Sensation! A third-division team discovers a stellar selection from the Cup (VIDEO)

The third-division AFK Wimbledon threw the big bomb in the fourth round of the FA Cup Cup. The League 1 team eliminates the £ 100m above-run selection before the start of the West Ham season after a solid 4-2 home win. The meeting was viewed live by the legend of hosts Vinnie Jones.

Gwanged Kvesi Apia (34) led the hosts ahead of the Wordsworth pass, and then Scott Wagstaff (41, 46) shocked the hammers with two more hits. With the second of them, Apia was assisted.

Host Manager Manuel Pellegrini responded instantly after the unimaginable performance in the first part and made his three shifts on vacation. Lucas Peres, Ryan Fredricks and Felipe Anderson were on the pitch. West Ham raised his head and reduced his backs with Lucas Perez (57) and Felipe Anderson (71).

The "Hammers" were on the attack to seek a leveling that would bring them a replay, but Toby Sibik (88) put a point of dispute after Wardsworth's second assists.

Thus, AFK Wimbledon qualified for the FA Cup final 1/8-final and looks forward to its next rival.

The results of the FA Cup Fourth Round
From Friday
BRICK CITY – Bolton 2: 1
From Saturday
SUUNZI – Gillingham 4: 1
Shrossbury – Wolverhampton 2: 2
Brighton – West Bromwich 0-0
DONCASTER – Oldham 2: 1
Middlesbrough – Newport County 1: 1
MANCHESTER CITY – Burnley 5: 0
Portsmouth – KP.P. 1: 1
Newcastle – UTFORD 0: 2
MILLUEL – Everton 3: 2
AFK Wimbledon – West Ham 4: 2
On Sunday
From 18:00: Crystal Palace – Tottenham
From 20:00: Chelsea – Sheffield Wells
On Monday
From 21:45: Barnett – Brentford

Pos. Larger letters are the teams that go ahead and the remix will have a replay

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