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Serious decline in demand for diesel cars

Volkswagen is a convincing sales leader in Europe

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Demand for diesel engines in 2018 continued to decline. The scandal with Volkswagen in 2015 apparently has not yet faded, and this is evident from the sales results, wrote

The share of new diesel in the past year is 36%, which is 8% less than in 2017. Gasoline cars have increased sales by 7% to 57%.

There is also an increase in hybrids and electric vehicles that already occupy over 6% of the market. In some countries, such as Norway, for example, their share is over 32%.

The most popular electric car in Europe is the Nissan Leaf (38,700), followed by the Renault ZOE (381,000), the electric Volkswagen Golf (21,100), the BMW i3 (18,100) and the Testa Model S (16,400). In the hybrids that are powered by the power grid, the Mitsubishi Outlander (23,100) is the leader, and among the usual hybrids – Toyota Yaris (129,000).

The German brand Volkswagen is a convincing sales leader in Europe and in the year 2018 sold 1.75 million cars. Despite the problems with diesel engines, the company recorded an increase of 3%. Secondly, Renault is just under 1.1 million, and third Ford – 1.01 million. But the two brands are down from 2017 by 4% and 3%, respectively.

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