Thursday , July 29 2021

Slavi Trifonov broke! Here's what he did for Krasi Radkov …

The heart-hearted Slavi Trifonov broke and made something very touching for his subordinate Krasi Radkov. On April 24, the popular actor turned 48, and the happiest he made Long with his poignant greetings.

Slavi is known for his apparent coldness and often neglects even the personal feasts of his team. They are accustomed to him and are no longer angry. But when he broke and manifested a gesture of empathy, it amazed them, and then for a long time they were stinging him, yet he was not as bad as he wanted to look before people.

You read in what Slavi did for the actor and what is the reason for him to tremble as much as why his other subordinates got bored with that gesture.

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