Tuesday , June 15 2021

Sofka made a magnificent wedding to make some money! – BLISTER

Financial interest, not unlimited love, is at the heart of the sumptuous wedding that Sophie Marinova and former guard Gringo will raise on March 24th. On February 5, they married a civilian marriage, and their efforts are now focused solely on the organization of the coupon, which will be attended by about 500 people.

She admitted to her closest Sofka that she was organizing the celebration mostly to make money, as her bank account has recently been emptied. Sofka even delicately hinted to her guests that she did not want gifts, but white bags, writes "Gallery".

Marinova broke up for money, her whole family lying on her back, plus Gringo's. Last spring, the Roma Nightingale starred in "Two drops of water," from which he took a rather high fee. But he was fired for lawyers to get her boyfriend out of prison. She paid him the fine of 5,000 leva.

Some acquaintances say that the former guards had old guards, with the repatriation of the Roma star as well. On the back of Marinova was a solid expense – the career of her son Lorenzo. The teenager has become a folk singer and has released several songs. They, along with the impressive videos, were covered again by Sophie.

That's why Gringo and Marinova decided they wanted a sumptuous wedding so they could make some money. Their organization lay at 50,000 leva, and they expected each of the 500 guests to raise 500 leva.

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