Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Soon to the fuck: I'm shocked by your city (VIDEO)

A big road that is underwater after the rain. The three-member family arrived on Saturday to visit the European Capital of Culture and go to the Rigoletto Opera, Maritza wrote.

"The weather was nice and it suddenly broke down. When I entered the plot, I did not know what was going on, I did not understand why the water was so high. The car choked and broke. The bigger problem is that we can not go to Sofia, and we have a reserved hotel for the evening, "explained the driver of the car. The Finnish family will have to stay for at least 2-3 days in Plovdiv, during the repair of the car, in the words of the traffic assistance and civil protection officers.

There are other tricky cars on the Golyamokonarsko shose, and the water there reaches the doors of the cars. Troubled cars do not have a Plovdiv registration. "As I entered the sea and my car was blocking. It's probably sucked in water. I'm shocked by your city, "she said.

The traffic in the section is cut off and the cars that enter the highway can not reach the city center. They have to travel through Sheker Mahala.

Water is also under the iron bridge at Maritsa Blvd., but the passing of cars is calm. Gladstone's underground, which is usually flooded this time, is dry.

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