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Stefan Danailov appeared in a wheelchair and was applauded for half an hour

Nearly 30-minute aplauze was given to Stefan Danailov, who returned after severe illness, in Stara Zagora, who played the role of banker Charles in the hit actress "Actress" in partnership with Anja Pencheva. The performance of the Ivan Vazov National Theater overcame the hall of the Stara Zagora Opera, until the last fans of Melpomena and Lambo expected someone to offer an extra ticket, writes Monitor bg.

Visibly fascinated by the warm reception, Stefan Danailov personally thanked for the applause and reminded himself that last year, in the same hall, he celebrated his 75th anniversary with his biographical book "The novel of my life". He expressed hope that he will meet with Stara Zagora not only from the stage. As before, the scene was filled with flowers, boulevards sent by Mayor Zhivko Todorov and MP Dragomir Stoynev.

In order to feel more comfortable in his role, Lambo chose to play from an electric wheelchair, dressed in a quilt with the jiggling inscription, "I beat up anorexia!" The play by British author Peter Quilt is among the hit titles for the season, her performer is Danailov himself , who admits that he was a bit difficult to hang on, but he could not refuse his favorite Anja Pencheva. Rositsa Obreshkova is the director and the drama is by Mirela Ivanova. The costume and the costumes are by Elena Ivanova's projects and the music is by Ivan Lechev. Answer to a question "How strong the magic of theater? 'Attempt to give more actors Ivan Panev, Kiril Efremov, Nencho Ilchev, Pavel Ivanov.

"If he does not dream of a man – what is left to him? He can not live with only the past." When you have the love of the audience, everything is possible. The worst possible things happened to me during these 5 years. But I will not give them. I went back to life, "said Danailov, who will soon step on the movie theater to play another role on the big screen.

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