Tuesday , August 3 2021

Stoyanka Mutafova: I Didn't Get Out of the Stage – Theater

"Sometimes I ask myself who I am. All I know is that I am an artist, there is nothing else. People will say," Stoyanka Mutafova told Nova TV, and the big actress returned to the stage, despite information it was written that he temporarily left himself. "I have a wound on my leg that is very difficult to cure. I have played and been sick, I have never. I have no intention, but I must not challenge fate," he categorically, and he does not hide that he had calmed volunteers. "I don't like going to the highway, I prefer mountain trails, where my slides are on my face. If I walk on the highway like most people do, nobody comes to me You can easily tease the audience, but you can't laugh at it if you don't bring comedy. "Stoyan said that for the Jubilee in February – 70 years on stage, he still hasn't prepared anything. "I played a lot. I thought about retreating, "he admitted. The next performance," Mrs. Stylian disaster ", was on November 22 in" Tear and Laughter ".

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