Monday , July 26 2021

The former man of Vecilski roars: Mariana has abandoned the children, I am a lonely father!

For 304 years, the journalist of BG Radio Simeon Kolev is a lonely father and is experiencing the biggest turbulences in his life. About a year and a half ago, his long-time companion in life, the former television star Mariana Vekilski, abandoned him and crushed him 14-year-old son Boychel, who was just 10 at the time of his separation, writes Weekend.

In February, BTV's "This Saturday" and "This Sunday" star has surprisingly announced he is leaving the TV station and going to Brussels to make an international career. Vekilski passed the training for an expert on aviation team in the capital of Belgium. Her separation with her ex-husband, however, happened before she accepted the new field.

The news that one of the most harmonious television families in Bulgaria is no longer together was a surprise to many, but not to their closest people. The two journalists spent almost 15 years before revealing that their marriage is over. The guilt of their decision did not take any of them, and this further reinforced the rumors that their separation was quite dramatic. Simeon recently poured his soul in front of the women's magazine and frankly acknowledged how hard it was to be a lonely parent.

"Mariana said to me," Simo, thank you, oh, oh! It's hard to live with such a man. I will not forget a single sentence of departure: "You are the perfect man and this is your biggest problem," remembers the injured Kolev.

After Mariana left his home, he became a lonely father, but he was excellent in this role. The leader, however, determines the end of their relationship as difficult and humiliating. Vekilski's decision to abandon him alone with their infant son enticed many, for she had been a lone mother for many years before meeting him. From his first marriage to the football player Georgi Donkov, Mariana has a daughter Gabriela. The former lead has repeatedly criticized the public for abandoning them, for 14 years has not seen their daughter, and she was both a father and a mother for the child.

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