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The passionate Liverpool is a favorite of the finals, but the moment is very important for Tottenham

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Liverpool is a clear favorite to win the Champions League when they face Tottenham in the final in Madrid on June 1, says former striker of the English national team and currently TV commentator Gary Linneker.

Linneker, who spent three seasons in Tottenham between 1989 and 1992, indicated the difference of 26 points in the standings and 4th place of his former team as a huge gap between the two teams.

"Generally speaking, a team against a team, Liverpool has the better players," Linneker said in an interview with The Times. "They finished with more than 20 points over Tottenham this season, so it's hard to say that Tottenham is a favorite, but as we know very well, the best teams do not always win, and that's one of the things that make soccer so special sport. "

But the 58-year-old former world champion did not fail to congratulate Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop for the successful building of a team that has its own look. He also stressed that Spurs should invest in the team to keep up with the ambitions of their manager, Mauriceio Pocetino.

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"Klop is a very enthusiastic, passionate man," Linneker said. "And this team of Liverpool is very responsive to his personality – a very dynamic team with a lot of energy, no doubt he is very intelligent, he is a brilliant football man who shows his passion."

"It is clear that Pocetino is one of the best managers in world football, but Spurs need investment and he tells it to himself, the coach needs to be supported because he wants to go ahead, and I suspect that if they do not support him from the leadership with new players, it will be hard to keep him in the club. "

Tottenham has not signed up with a single new footballer in the last two transfer periods, with the club being forced to cut a lot in spending after moving to a new stadium and spending rising. Honorary, he suggested he could leave if the club can not oppose the biggest teams and is not competitive for the title.

"This is really a very important moment for Tottenham," Linneker added. "They have to decide what they will be like a club, whether they will move forward and be a club that can compete in other Champions League finals, not just to enjoy a one-time participation at that level," Linneker concluded.

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