Sunday , May 9 2021

They showed the pick of the pickups – Automotive News

The young American company Rivian Automotive, created by former McLaren and Harley-Davidson cadres, presented an electric pickup. The base price of R1T, which will begin production in 2020, will be $ 61,500 (€ 54,222).

The Rivian R1T is 135 mm longer and 95 mm wider than the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. However, its wheelbase is slightly shorter – 3,075 vs. 3,150 mm. The clearance is 360 mm and the draft depth is 1 meter.

A unique feature of the electric pickup truck is the 350-liter rack, located all over the bodywork between the passenger compartment and the basin. In front of the engine, there is also a cargo compartment with a capacity of 330 liters. The load capacity is 800 kg and the trailer's weight is 3 500 kg.

Four electric motors with a total power of 760 hp are provided for the drive. and torque 1 120 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 97 km / h takes 3 seconds and up to 160 – seven. One-mile charging depends on the capacity of the battery (105, 135 or 180 kWh) and ranges from 400 to 640 km.

The battery pack is located in the floor that is protected by carbon fiber and Kevlar plates. The R1T equipment includes adaptive pneumatic suspension, a digital instrument panel and an infotainment system with a touchscreen display.

The electric pickup will be produced at Mitsubishi Motors' former Mitsubishi Motors factory in Illinois, purchased by Rivian Automotive last year for $ 16 million. The project's production run is 350,000 electric cars per year.

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