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Three Feast on February 14, Choose Who to Celebrate – Curious

On February 14, three festivals coincide, and everyone can choose which one to celebrate.

These are the church feast for the Assumption of St. Cyril Slavic Bulgarian, the old style celebration of Saint Trifon Zarezan, celebrated as Vineyard Day, and the holiday of lovers – Valentine.

Today, the Orthodox Church celebrates the church feast of the Assumption of St. Cyril Slavic Bulgarian.

Constantine the Philosopher, called Cyril, came from the family of the distinguished Slavic Slavs – Leo and Maria. He studied at the Magnaur School in Constantinople. He graduated with the nickname "philosopher" and was appointed Patriarchal Librarian and Philosophy Teacher.


It has been awarded various public service orders. Bored with the vanity of this world, Constantine escaped secretly to the monastery of the Lesser Olympian with his brother Methodius, where they created the Slavic alphabet and translated the sacred books of the Orthodox Church into the language of the Thessalonian Bulgarians. Cyril died in Rome on February 14, 869 and was buried in the church of St. Clement of Rome.

Vineyard's Day – Trifon Zarezan,

is devoted to the labor and love of the Bulgarians towards the vine, the grapes and the wine. For the first time, this holiday was officially celebrated in Bulgaria in 1962 on the day of Holy Martyr Trifon.

Then, by decree of the Council of Ministers, it was declared a professional celebration of the vine grower. With the introduction in 1968 of the Gregorian calendar by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the church Feast of St. Trifon Zarezan began to be celebrated on February 1 and Vineyard Day on February 14th.

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According to the Bulgarian custom, on the holiday day the farmers go out into the field and cut down several sticks, water the roots of the vine with wine and bless: "How many drops, so many car grapes".

The culmination of the feast is the election of the "King of the Vineyards" – usually a good man who is considered lucky to be able to bear fruit during his "reign".


Holiday of Lovers

Valentine was born in Italy and was a Christian bishop. He lived under Emperor Mark Aurelius Claudius II. When the emperor forbade his soldiers to marry the idea that having no family would be more self-sacrificing in battles, Christian soldiers were secretly married by Bishop Valentin.


How Do They Celebrate St. Valentine around the world

Because of this, he was subsequently declared protector of the lovers. He was decapitated in 270 for his unyielding faith in God, and soon after that he was canonized.

The holiday of February 14, dedicated to Valentine's Day, began to be celebrated in the 14th century. On this day, the lovers express their love for one another by sending greeting cards and heart-shaped candy. Flowers are also usually given.

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Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday of lovers:

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