Wednesday , June 16 2021

Tottenham disassembled Dortmund and touched the quarterfinals + VIDEO

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Tottenham beat Borussia Dortmund with a 3-0 win in the first eight-lap clash of the Champions League at Wembley Stadium.

The two teams played equidistant first half, in which the hosts had a slight advantage, but overall the attacks were alternating in front of both doors.

Already at the beginning of the second part, Hui-Min Soon opened the score against one of his favorite opponents. The South Korean scored spectacularly from the air, this was his ninth hit in 11 games against Westphalia.

At 83 minutes, Jan Vertongen was attracted by volley, but that was not all. Entry as a reserve Fernando Jorante realized three minutes later and largely sent his next phase. The revenge is on March 5 at Signal Iduna Park stadium.

The hosts were expected to start much more actively and in the seventh minute they were very close to a fabulous start. Lucas Moura caught in the air and made a terrible diagonal shot, but the ball licked the side beam and came out.

Borussia could not take out the ball and defended deeply in its own half, but a quarter of an hour after the initial referee's signal, Tottenham's defense broke. Christian Pulisic got a little nervous and still shot a shot, saved by Loris.

Axel Watsel's foul shot was taken by Loris, and then Borussia created a few more good combos, but the final lap was not. Among the best players on the pitch was Jenn Sancho, who kept the defender out of the way.

Son's shit was blocked, and then Christian Erikens would be high. At the opposite door, Loris was surprised by a Deleen's blow, but it still reflected it. There was a new attack on the English, where Buryk saved Son's shot.

Referee Matthew Laos is seriously compromised when he does not judge apparently stumbling Sancho around the rainbow of Tottenham's penalty field. In the last minute of the first part, Sancho centered on Dan-Axel Sigadou and he struck with his chest, but Loris saved the goal.

Immediately after the break, Tottenham opened the score. Yang Vertongen centers on the left and around the small pennant, the naked, completely uncovered Hue-Min Son made a spectacle of volleyball behind Zagagou. That was also his ninth goal in 11 games against the "yellow-black".

It was just an hour to play when Sigridu made his mistake and cleared his throat when Ericken tried to bring it to Son. Then Alderweirel knocked his head at the corner, but Buchky caught. On the opposite side, Pulisic entered the pen and fought the defense, but he also lied to himself and did not know where the ball was …

A quarter hour before the end of the regular time, Lucas Moura made a projectile after completing a corner but only won a corner after a ricochet in the Deleeny's body.

In the 83rd minute Tottenham scored a second heavy blow to his opponent. Orie "sank" a long, long pass to the limit of the small penal field, and Jan Vertongen remarked spectacularly.

Just three minutes later, Dortmund's abortive defense was captured for the third time. Fernando Iorrete, headed for the first time, knocked Ericksen's corner from the corner and fell into the arms of his.

At the very end, Raphael Gereiro, who emerged from the bench, made a very good distant shot past the left side post.

Tottenham – Borussia Dortmund 3-0

1: 0 Huan-Min Son – 47 '
2: 0 Jan Vertongen – 83 '
3: 0 Fernando Iorente – 86 '

Tottenham: Loris, Alderweiler, Sanchez, Voight, Vertongen, Orie, Siso (Wanney – 90 '), Winx, Eriksen, Mora (Iorente – 85'), Son (Lamela – 90 ')

Borussia Dortmund: Bechki, Toprak, Dialo, Zagadou (Shmeltzer – 77 '), Hakimmi, Delaney, Watsel, Dahud, Poulisic (Larsen – 87'), Sancho (Gereiro –

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