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I am an ordinary Bulgarian citizen, if they ask me for advice – I help, I don't bother anyone. This was stated in an interview with Tsvetan Tsvetanov, who visited the Festival of Folklore Costume in the company of his wife Desislava. Until recently, the second GERB man had not appeared in a public event for months.

The Festival of Folklore Costume in Zheravna begins, Tsvetanov's family appeared modestly among the people

Today he came to the big folklore event with his wife Desislava.

Here is the whole interview with Tsvetan Tsvetanov:
– Mr. Tsvetanov, in what capacity are you here in Zheravna tonight, you have not appeared in a public event for a long time?
– I am an ordinary Bulgarian citizen, my wife is here, we would have taken my young daughter, but things changed at the last moment.

– Where do you come from?
– From Sofia.

"But you have a tan, where have you been?"
– I won't share. It's personal!

– What would you say to all Bulgarians who are here tonight?
– I have supported this initiative from the very beginning. I am proud of a true Bulgarian – Hristo Dimitrov, who is doing something unique that preserves our traditions and brings us back 150 years ago. I am convinced that everyone who attends the festival in Zheravna will feel very good.

– Are your associates looking for you and is there a figure you would support in this local election? In any case, they will need you.
– Those who have sought me have talked to them, I have given them advice, and others I wish them success and sportsman's political game. Let there be better ideas, present them to the widest possible range of people, make informed choices and have a high turnout.

– But will you not feel better if GERB fails to reach the result of this 2015 election?
– Look, at the moment I am not in the election headquarters, I am not involved in the active political situation in GERB. I am currently a side observer.

"Are you sad?"
… It will be interesting to me

– Is Yordanka Fandakova the right candidate for mayor of Sofia?
– Of course, Fandakova did a lot for Sofia. Personally, I think she made the utmost effort in all the years she was mayor. I hope it will be approved by GERB.


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