Thursday , June 24 2021

Weather Forecast – January 26 (Saturday)

Today rainfall will continue, in Western and Central Bulgaria will be mostly snow, significant in the mountainous regions. This was reported by FOCUS by the watch-maker Martin Slavchev at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH). A new snow cover will form. There will be rain in the east. During the night in the northwest, and during the day and in the rest of the country the wind will orient from west to northwest, will be moderate to strong and with it will invade cold air. Minimum temperatures will be mostly between minus 1 ° and 4 ° and the maximum will be from 1 ° – 3 ° in Western Bulgaria to 6 ° – 8 ° in the southeast regions of the country. During the night from Sunday from the west the rainfall will weaken and stop. The atmospheric pressure will rise but will remain below the average for the month. The Black Sea coast will be cloudy and rainfall, significant on the southern coast. It will blow to a moderate wind from west to northwest. Maximum temperatures will be between 4 ° and 8 °. The excitement of the sea will be 2 to 3 bales. The sea water temperature is 6 ° – 7 °. The mountains will be cloudy, windy and snowy, significant in the masses of the western half of the country. It will blow strong to a storm wind from the west-northwest and in combination with the snowfall there will be conditions for the formation of droplets and winds. The maximum temperature of 1200 meters will be about minus 1 °, 2000 meters – about minus 5 °.

On Sunday morning, still weak drifts, in the process of stopping, will be in the eastern regions: to the north – to the snow, to the south – to the rain. The rest of the country will no longer rain, and the cloud from the northwest will tear and fall. The wind will significantly weaken. The minimum temperatures will be lower, the living room will start rising. Early next week, with a stream from the southwest, warming will continue. The cloud will gradually increase, on Monday it will be mostly high and medium. In the eastern half of the country, the southern wind will intensify, and the daily temperatures there will be high: above 10 ° reaching the 15 ° on Tuesdays; lower will remain in Western Bulgaria. There will be rainfalls, mostly from rain, during the night against Wednesday on the high fields of Western Bulgaria and from snow.

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