Monday , June 21 2021

What Neimar? The "crippled" PSG desperates the "red devils"

Without his stars in attack, Neimar and Essonne Cavani PSG made a first loss to Ole Gunnar Solskiar at the head of Manchester United.

Parisians would be 2-0 at Old Trafford in the first eight-minute clash in the Champions League and watch boldly to the quarterfinals after a fantastic performance.

United played his first poor game with a Norwegian head and did not create anything dangerous at the door of the big Gianluigi Buffon. On the other hand, the blades in the PSG attack – Kilian Babe and Angel Di Maria – were silenced by the fans of the "red devils", who were not heard from the many Parisian parties.

The duel was very nervous, especially in the first part, but in the second half the guests picked up the turn and scored two goals in seven minutes. The great hero for them is Di Maria, who made two assists against his former team in a game in which he was booed at every touch of his ball.

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PSG has completely defeated its opponent despite the predictions of the specialists and bookmakers who have named United for favorites.

On the 6th of March, the English Grand Prix will have to create a miracle, as the PSG defense is magnificent today and is likely to be so stable at Park de Prince. The Red Devils made their first defeat after 10 wins and one draw with Solskar in the lead. Besides, Paul Pogba gets a red card and will not play the game.

The first half of Old Trafford was extremely tense for both teams, and the rough entries dominated, resulting in a total of five yellow cards.

The selections played very cautiously and focused on not making fatal mistakes. PSG made the biggest pass through Kilian Mabé, who was put out behind the defensive, but from an inconvenient angle failed to shoot accurately. The world champion was in an ambush that was not judged.

The rough admissions were great, and in one situation, Ashley Young pushed Angel Di Maria to his shoulder and sent him to the billboards. The defender had a yellow card but the situation was a game. Half-time ended with an injury to Jesse Linggard, who was forced to replace Alexis Sanchez.

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Mabape got himself up another chance 53 minutes into the game, as he successfully challenged the guests' central defenders, which put Dani Alvesh ahead a penalty with him.

In the corners, however, PSG led. Frans Kimpembe found centering on the back beam and shot the Spanish guard closely – 1: 0. The assistant of the assistant, Maria, made a soundsome shout at the home audience, which made him a whole game.

A few seconds after the goal, Danny Alvesch fired a dangerous blow that deflected a defender and passed infarcted near De Heya's right beam. That could easily be 2: 0.

United replied with a volley of Ander Erera's wandering aside. The hosts' situation was very little after an hour's play.

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Just when the hour is over, Mabepa is scouring Old Trafford for the second time after an astonishing Sonic style sprint. This happened after another fantastic fantasy assistant to Di Maria. In 63 minutes, Mabape again had a great chance but missed himself against De Heya. The Spaniard then intervened in a strike at Bernat.

By the end of the match, Parisians had to deal with the numerous centers to their penal field and deservedly missed a shot. In addition, Pogba has a second yellow card and will not play on the draw. This gives a tremendous advantage to the PSG before the second game.

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