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Who will replace Slavi in ​​the BBC


Television invite by list famous producers of conversation

Krasi Radkov or Dimitar Rachkov will replace Slavi Trifonov as a leader in a possible new show on the site of "The Show of Slavi"?

These two names are the most frequently mentioned lately among the guesswork of many who are asking what will be broadcast on You at 22.30 h when Slavi will not be there. Leader himself announced in his show that he stops on July 31st.

A new evening talk show would be a success, however, only if its host is also a very popular person. Both Radkov and Rachkov meet this condition.

Krasi Radkov was a lead option if Trifonov's production company "Seven Eight" continued to make a show, observers noted. Then Slavi would eventually focus on creating a party.

"Dimitar Rachkov is on another television. There is no way to abandon "Like two drops of water," said Magardic Halvadjian, who made the music show on Nova TV. In fact, he is mentioned as the possible producer who will start working again for the BBC.

"For six months

we meet with you

for different things. My demands on television are high and I do not always get along with them. If it does not, it is good. So far, there is nothing specific that I can comment on, "Halvadjian told 24 hours.

In fact, his company has a ready-made show, "Lords of the Air", which was stopped on New Year's Day by Nova TV. Once again, it will be one hour, as is the "Slavi Show". At least this is the ambition of his producer Judy Halvadjian and his brother Magardic. Their several months of talks with the media leadership have not come to a clear end if the broadcast will be broadcast.

One reason is precisely its duration, which – twice extended – will also affect the money Nova TV has to pay to the producers.

It was not a contract that was due to the fact that at that time the MTG Swedes said they were selling the television. That's why her boss, Didier Sosel, stopped deciding on the TV program, telling the media.

But neither from BT, nor from Global Vision, the company of the Halvadjian brothers, has the opportunity to broadcast "Lords of the Air" instead of "The Slavi Show" in September.

At the same time concepts, scenarios and

suggestions for

the broadcasts are raining

in BT Ti,

since Trifonov announced on 2 weeks ago that he was stopping his show.

Nothing that television has announced neither a competition nor a need for such suggestions. The mere fact of opening a free space in the program has inspired many of the Bulgarian producers to seek a realization in the big media.

But You, too, are looking for the producers. Many of the most prominent people in Bulgaria have already received an invitation from TV for talks that are yet to come. Expectations are that they will be the Slavi slot.

"I do not have the practice of making unsolicited offers," said Evtim Miloshev of Dream Team in front of "24 Hours". And he explained that he had an interest in all the TV content. According to him, if any kind of competition is announced, his production house will be sure.

For now, only "Intermediate Station" by Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov seems to have little interest. And they have the experience and the know-how how to make an evening show 5 times a week. In 2011, they were producers and presenters of "The Show of Ivan and Andrei" on Nova TV, three years later they plan to do it on TV7, but it does not leave.

Today, however, their interests are in the production of serials, even jointly with Northern Macedonia, and they also deal with their civilian DNA platform. Through her and with the help of "Market Link" they will organize a sociological survey, in which the Bulgarians will ask what they need to change on the day of the European elections to get back.

Eventually, You're Yours

it may not be

evening show

Somewhat it is important for the structure of a TV program, and through the "Slavi Show", television has practically extended its primetime.

But it is not mandatory. Nova TV showed it with the overthrow of "Lords of the Air".

However, a large TV always has an alternative to its program, as they say in the BBC.

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